Clever, Tasteful Chevrolet Prince Ad Found in Papers Across the Country

Chevrolet doesn’t usually find itself too wrapped up in the celebrity world, but the auto company stepped out of its comfort zone to mourn the passing of a legend, when the death of Prince shocked music lovers around the world.

Shortly after, six newspapers contained full-page advertisements as tribute to Prince, featuring the back of a red 1963 Chevrolet Corvette, with the words “Baby that was much too fast, 1958-2016,” referring to Prince’s 1982 song, “Little Red Corvette.”

The New York Times, The Detroit News, The Star Tribune, and more publications played host to the Chevrolet Prince ad, which was also shared widely on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites and apps.

You can even check out Chevrolet’s initial tweet of the ad here, on their official account.

We think it’s worth noting that, though this tribute is technically an advertisement, it respectfully doesn’t have the words “Chevrolet” or “GM” written anywhere on the page – a tasteful and respectable move on its part.

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