Colorado ZR2 Bison Spy Shots Might Hint at Colorado Refresh

A Colorado Refresh may be in the works!

Earlier this summer, a dedicated General Motors blog, GM Authority, spied a Colorado ZR2 Bison undergoing testing out in the field and snagged some spy photos. What strikes us as unusual is that Chevy went through so much trouble to camouflage the prototype, which is atypical for just a suspension upgrade. That leads GM Authority—and us at Diamond Auto Group—to suspect that this camouflaged vehicle also held the secrets to the long-awaited Colorado refresh.

According to GM Authority, the spy shots seem to indicate an updated front end. This includes a new front bumper treatment and a revised headlight design. Again, Chevy was very careful to cover this up when testing the ZR2 Bison—but why?

The rear end of the prototype was also largely camouflaged. GM Authority reports that Chevy specifically covered the rear bumper and the cargo box. That’s another big tip off that this is more than just the Colorado ZR2 Bison variant—this is also the Colorado refresh.

When can we expect a refreshed Chevrolet Colorado? Many fans feel we are past due, but it likely will not come to the market until 2020. GM Authority anticipates that Chevy will add a sunroof and push-button start.

We here at Diamond Auto Group hope the new Chevy Colorado arrives sooner, rather than later.

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