Chevy Is the Brand of Millennial Car Buyers

2019 Chevy Spark | Auburn, MA

Millennial Brand

According to a recent study by, Chevy is the most popular car brand among Millennial car buyers and younger car buyers from Gen Z. To determine this, AutoList surveyed 1,750 car shoppers in the Millennial generation and Gen Z.

Of those 1,750 car shoppers, AutoList asked three basic questions—which car brand spoke to their age group the most, which automotive brand they would purchase right now, and which brand of vehicle they currently owned. After tallying up the responses from all three questions, Chevrolet was the clear winner.

Why Chevrolet

According to The News Wheel, a key reason that Chevy is miles ahead of competing automakers is its low prices on economy cars like the Chevy Spark, Sonic, Malibu, and Trax, which are so appealing to buyers who are just graduating college and entering the workforce. We think it also has something to do with the brand’s reputation for safety, reliability, and innovative infotainment technology (including Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™.

In fact, Chase Disher of said, “Chevy is doing a great job of trading on its reputation as a no-nonsense, affordable brand while at the same time adding to its vehicles the stuff younger buyers covet. This includes things like Wi-Fi hotspots, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, wireless phone charging and an intuitive infotainment system.”

The 2019 Impala specifically ranked among the top 10 “most popular cars driven by Millennials.”

Whether you’re a millennial or a driver from another generation, you’ll be able to find a Chevrolet vehicle perfect for you at Diamond Auto Group.

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