Chevy Helps Keep Teen Driving Safe

The first time they get the keys to a car is very exciting for teenagers. However, it can be nerve-wracking for parents. In fact, according to a Chevrolet poll, teen driving is ranked as parents’ top concern, even over things like drug and alcohol use, sexual activity, and academic performance!

Chevrolet now offers Teen Driving Technology in ten of its vehicles in the 2017 year. That includes cars, trucks, and SUV’s, so no matter what type of car your kid begs for, you can pick one that’s safe for everyone.

Steve Majoros, director of marketing, Chevrolet Cars and Crossovers, understands the concern over teen driving: “I, like many of our employees, am a parent of teenagers, so we personally understand the anxiety of having a teen driver in the house.”

What a teen driving  SHOULDN'T be doing.So how does Chevy’s program help encourage good driving habits? It starts with reminders to buckle up by muting the radio when the driver or passenger aren’t buckled up. Plus, if they go faster than speeds you’ve preset, they’ll get visual and audible warnings.

The best part is the “report card.” It makes if they’ve done anything wrong, like how many times they’ve gone over the set speed limit.

What kid isn’t scared to show their parents their report card if they’ve done something wrong? Thanks, Chevy!

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