SEMA 2016: Chevrolet’s Blue Line Concepts

The 2016 SEMA Show saw a number of interesting concepts, ranging from performance-driven models to luxury-tier vehicles. Chevrolet’s Blue Line concepts were some of the most interesting models at the show thanks to their innovative cosmetic upgrades, but don’t worry—Chevrolet didn’t skimp on the performance upgrades.

There’s no argument when saying that Chevrolet’s Blue Line concepts were flashy when it came to cosmetic upgrades.

The first model the automaker showed off was a Cruse Hatch RS. The Genesis White paintjob gleamed under the lights while the Slate Blue Metallic wheel coloring certainly supports the Blue Line name. What visitors couldn’t see included a lowered suspension kit, new intake and exhaust system, and performance brakes. All of those parts will be available by the middle of next year. Even better, they won’t void the warranty.

The Chevrolet Malibu Blue Line concept saw more cosmetic changes compared to the Cruze Hatch RS. That model sported the same Genesis White Paint and Slate Blue Metallic wheels. Other enhancements included a blacked-out grille insert, bowtie badging, a rear spoiler, and a rear diffuser. While the Malibu also saw an upgraded suspension and braking system, there weren’t any changes to the intake or exhaust system.

Here at Diamond Auto Group, we’re pumped to see what Chevrolet comes up with in the future!

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