Why Service at the Dealership

why you should service at the dealership - Diamond Auto in Auburn, MA!

It’s that time again—time to have your car serviced. But will you take it to the dealership or to some corner shop that promises bargains? Whether you need an oil change, a new air filter or just a checkup, there are some undeniable reasons why service at the dealership is the way to go.


Having your vehicle serviced at the dealership means keeping in mind what’s best for your car. You already invested time and money into it, so it only makes sense to ensure it’s in good hands the rest of the way. Dealership technicians are trained on specific types of vehicles. For instance, a technician at a Chevrolet dealership will have received Chevrolet training and will know ins and outs of Chevrolet engineering. Alternatively, an employee at any old garage may only service a Chevrolet every other month. They’ll know much less about what your Chevrolet needs specifically.


Many people hesitate to have their vehicle serviced at a dealership because they feel the cost will be higher. However, that’s not always the case. Depending on the dealership, regular maintenance and smaller services like an oil change is often cheaper. Plus, even where certain things do cost more, in the long run it may be worth putting your car with technicians you can trust. Visit the certified staff at Diamond Auto Group today for an excellent service appointment experience!

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