Buick’s College Football Sponsorship

Buick’s College Football Sponsorship | Diamond Auto Group | Auburn, MA

Brand Awareness

The College Football Playoff games are some of the most-watched matches in the United States. While there are plenty of major companies sponsoring the games, Buick’s college football sponsorship truly paid off. According to a recent survey, Buick was among the top brands in terms of awareness levels.

The survey, conducted by SportsBusiness Journal, found that of the 12 sponsoring brands, 10 had their highest levels of awareness, Buick chief among them. In fact, the entry-level luxury brand held the lead among automotive sponsors with a 22 percent recognition among all survey participants.

Cool Commercials

Buick has focused on targeting a younger audience with vehicles, like the Cascada convertible, and it has begun firing off a series of commercials. As college sports continue to grow more popular, there’s little doubt Buick will maintain its sponsorship. The automaker even seemed to double down.

Buick’s first Big Game ad featured super model Emily Ratajkowski and NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. The two stars, popular among young drivers, are another sign that Buick is staying the course on appealing to a younger audience.

The Buick Cascada is the brand’s first convertible in 25 years, further proving that its lineup is heading in the right direction as well.

We here at Diamond Auto Group are happy to see Buick’s sponsorships paying off!

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